NOAH currently supports 490 children in North Syria.

Apply for a sponsorship for a Syrian orphan and enable a life in dignity.


Your donation enables a child to live in dignity and relative safety. All NOAH children have lost at least one parent and need financial support urgently. Many of them had to flee, are traumatized and live in miserable circumstances. Your donation not only ensures security and stability to the child and his family but also prevents child labor and trafficking. Our local staff hands out your donation to the child personally, once a month. That’s how make sure that your child is doing fine.


A sponsorship costs 50 francs per month and lasts for at least 12 months, so that we get a chance to improve its life in the long run. Do you have any questions? We will answer them here.


Would you like to sponsor a child?

*we changed the names of all children for safety reasons. Once your sponsorship is confirmed you will, of course, get their real names.

Why should I support a Syrian child?

Many children and their families are currently in a difficult situation. Families need financial support to secure accommodation. They also need sanitary products, food and medicine. Out of despair, many Syrian mothers / widows send their children to work or, if worst comes to worst, abandon them.


How much does a sponsorship cost?

With a monthly donation of CHF 50 it is possible to support a child and his family. The price is based on the cost of living in Syria. Due to the desolate supply situation at the border in Turkey, the prices for basic goods rose enormously in the past couple of months.


Is support limited in time?

Since it is uncertain how the situation of the Syrian refugees at the border area will develop in the future, a sponsorship will last at least 12 months. If a family can no longer be located by us within this year, your donation will be given to another family in need. After 12 months you can choose whether you want to keep supporting the child or not. If you want to stop your donations, simply write an email to info@kinderhilfswerk-noah.org and let us know.


Can I choose my child?

Yes, you can. All our children are below 15 years old and lost at least one parent.


Do I regularly receive news from my child?

Once you’ve completed your application, you will receive a profile with information about your child. Because of the ongoing conflicts in the area, sending letters and goods via postal service is unfortunately not possible. Every month you will receive a picture of your child via Facebook. Simply follow the NOAH page on social media and we will keep you informed. 


What do the children need?

The children and their families need financial support to cope with everyday costs such as accommodation, food, sanitary goods, household items and non-food items. Women who have lost their husbands during the war have a particularly low income or none, and struggle to cover the daily needs of their family.


How can my donation help?

Due to the difficult financial situation of Syrian refugees, many children are forced to work. With your support, child labor, hunger, exploitation, and child trafficking can be averted.  


Will my money arrive?

Yes, we make sure that your child receives your donation. It is paid out every month by our staff, in person. We also buy supplies in Turkey and give them to the families. Each family receives the same relief package.


Kontaktieren Sie uns

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