NOAH was founded on the first of October 2014 by Sara Sutter.


As an independent non-profit organization based in Switzerland, we exclusively commit to projects in North Syria.

When the Arab Spring tragically escalated in Syria five years ago, Sara lived far away from the war zone – and yet ended up in the middle of it all. Many travels led her to this region, friendships were made and remained. When the war started to spread, many of her friends joined the stream of refugees. They started to ask for advice and help for remaining family members. Sara offered administrative help, mobilized her network in Europe, send money and relief supplies. All these small gestures led to the non-profit Organization NOAH.


The name NOAH is semitic and means “rest, comfort” – exactly what the children in Syria desperate need at the minute. NOAH currently supports more than 400 children. Your sponsorship donation helps us to secure the basic needs of children and their families.


NOAH is based in Pratteln (Switzerland) and Idlib (Syria). This tight organizational structure allows us to work closely with local employees. As an independent aid organization, we do not cooperate with any external partners. This enables us to build a personal, trustworthy relationship with our associates. Direct contact with our local staff in Syria is invaluable for NOAH. Everything we know about the situation in Idlib we know first-hand. We know where financial support is urgently needed the most and can help unbureaucratically and fairly quickly. Our money flows into the right hands, without a detour, and is used for carefully selected NOAH projects.


We know which relief supplies are needed the most.


We have a personal relationship with your child.


We invest your money into urgently needed Projects.


Our tireless efforts to help children in Syria have already moved mountains – but without your financial support, our resources are extremely limited. Therefore, we w would be delighted to welcome you on board of the NOAH ship.


Would you like to sponsor a child? Get to know our children here.


At the moment, we are not ZEWO certified. First, because we weren’t established enough (you have to be in the business for more than 2 years to get certified). Furthermore, it is a very costly decision. The preliminary examination and application would cost around 2’500 francs and the total costs in the first year would be around 6’000 francs. Money that we rather use to help in Syria.


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